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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 - Free Download Full Version Full Rip For Windows PC

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Game
Free Download Full Version Full Rip Highly Compressed Cracked For Windows PC | 4.4 GB

Takes the bulls-eye precision of its best-selling predecessor to new and exciting heights. Powered by CryEngine 3 technology, the missions of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 are graphically stunning and more challenging as you once again step into the ghillie suit of a special ops sniper to take down the enemy.


    * DIVERSE GAMEPLAY: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 takes all the breathless anticipation, precise controls and skillful fun of sniping and mixes it with stealth and silent elimination play, action scenes, a co-operative move playbook. Vehicle sections are a new addition to the Sniper series, and there are multiple and varied locations -- including urban, jungle, mountain environments -- to explore.
    * THE AUTHENTIC, MODERN SNIPER EXPERIENCE: Realistic ballistics take into account the player's location, wind speed and direction, breathing rate and distance from the target. Snipers do not fight alone in the real world and nor do they in Sniper 2. Working with your spotter is key. An array of faithfully recreated weapons are at your disposal, including six sniper rifles, three assault rifles, heavy machine guns, and more.
    * MORE SKILL, MORE REWARDS: Silent kills allow for quiet enemy elimination and successful execution sees the player rewarded with a brutal kill animation. Bullet cam shows particularly successful hits. There is even limb dismemberment from large calibre guns and explosions.
    * INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY: Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is built on the advanced CryEngine3. It also boasts multiplayer modes designed especially for sniper duels and an epic story crafted by acclaimed writers.

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3/ Windows Vista/ 7/ 8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3500+
RAM: 1GB System Memory
GPU: Nvidia GeForce 6800 GT or ATI Radeon X1650
DX: DX 9
HDD: 9 Gb Free Hard Drive Space


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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 - PES 2013 Game PC Full Version

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 - PES 2013 Game PC Full Version
PES 2013, or Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, to give it its full title has made some significant changes for this season's gameplay, with a slower pace and new control introductions that could transform the way you approach post-pub virtual footy. Based around three pillars of Full Control (PES FC), Advanced AI and Player ID, PES 2013 promises to be one of the most tactical, exciting Pro Evo instalments in a long time and the feeling is, it could genuinely pull off a shock shock result against FIFA in their annual head to head.

Download via Indowebster :

Minimum System Requirements :
  • Processor : Intel Pentium 4 atau lebih tinggi
  • VGA Memory : 128 MB atau lebih tinggi
  • DirectX : Versi 9.0c
  • RAM : 1.5 GB atau lebih tinggi
  • HDD : 6 GB tersedia
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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 - PES 2012 Game PC Full Version

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Full Version

    Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Full Version - download game PES 2012 full version gratis . Bagi penggila game, mungkin game yang satu ini merupakan game favorit sampean yaitu Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 . Game PES 2012 merupakan game sepak bola yang digemari kalangan remaja bahkan orang tua sekalipun. Memang game PES 2012 ini gamenya sangat bagus, apalagi jika dimainkan two players bersama teman. Sambil kumpul-kumpul sama temen buat ngilangin stres game ini sangat cocok buat sampean. download PES 2012 .

    Minimum system requirements - Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Full Version :
    Windows XP SP3, Vista SP2, 7
    Processor Intel Pentium IV 2.4GHz or equivalent
    1 GB RAM
    DirectX 9.0c compatible video card.
    Pixel shader 3.0 with 128 MB of RAM
    (NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon x1300)

    Cara Instal / How To Install

     Serial Number

     Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Full Version

    Ikhlas dari anda, Halal Bagi Kami
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    Football Manager PC game 2012 - RM 2012 (PC/ENG) Full Version - Free Download

    FREE DOWNLOAD GAME Football Manager 2012 (FM2012) (PC/ENG) 

    Info :
    Football Manager 2012 is a football simulation that was made in 2012. This game was released in conjunction with the Fifa Soccer 12. Football Manager 2012 allows you to take control of any club in over 50 nations across the world, including all of the biggest leagues across Europe. You're in the hot-seat, which means you decide who plays and who sits on the bench, you’re in total control of tactics, team-talks, substitutions and pitch-side instructions as you follow the match live with the acclaimed 3D match engine allowing YOU to make the difference!

    System Requirements
    OS: Windows XP/Vista/W7
    Processor: XP - 1.4GHz or Faster, Vista/W7 - 2.0GHz or Faster
    Memory: XP - 512MB RAM, Vista/W7 - 1.0GB RAM
    Graphics: 128MB
    Supported Chipsets - Nvidia FX 5900 Ultra or greater; ATI Radeon 9800 or greater; Intel 82915G/82910GL or greater.
    DirectX: 9.0c
    Hard Drive: 3GB
    Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    LAN: TCP/IP compliant

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    Angry Birds All Games PC Collection 2013

    Home » All in One , Games » Angry Birds All Games Collection (27/04/2013)
    Angry Birds All Games Collection (27/04/2013)
    Name : Angry Birds All Games Collection
    Version : 27/04/2013
    Languange : English
    Medicine : Include - Patch
    OS Support : Xp/Vista/7/8
    Password : No
    Type File : Rar
    Code File : 4ng.b.4ll.gms.c0ll.27.4.2013
    Updated : 27 April 2013
    Genre: Fuzzle
    Size : 282 Mb

    Angry Birds All Games Collection (27/04/2013) | 282 MB
    This collection includes all Angry Birds Games for PC. Angry Birds, Angry Birds: Rio, Angry Birds: Seasons, Angry Birds: Space and Angry Birds: StarWars. This is a great game collection you will love to play!

    Included Games In This Package:
    - Angry Birds 3.0.0+
    - Angry Birds: Rio 1.4.4+
    - Angry Birds: Seasons 3.2.0+
    - Angry Birds: Space 1.4.1+
    - Angry Birds: StarWars 1.1.2+

    Install Notes: ( How To Install )
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    All Link Resumable and Speed ^^*
    No Password No Need Leech!!
    Please Sellect 1 Link Dont All, Thanks
    Download Here :
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    Android Games Collection

     Android Games Collection

    Over 700 of the most popular games and Apps from Android Market!
    Click on read more to see the list.
    400 Android Games Collection + HD + Emulators

    AdventRush v1.01
    Amtalee v1.0.22
    Angry Birds v1.4.2 Ad-Free
    Armored Defense v1.11
    Armored Strike Online v2.066
    Backgammon v1.22
    Bathroom Reader v1.0.7
    Beautiful Widgets v3.23
    Blow Up_1.7.5
    BowQuest- PandaMania! v1.53
    Camel's Kitchen v1.0.2
    Chopper Control v1.0
    Clockr Evolution (donate) v1.0
    Collectorz Movie v1.3
    Colorix HD v1.7.2
    Dancing Android Live Wallpaper v1.1
    Diagnosaurus DDx v1.42.0
    DioPen Handwriting & Keyboard v1.1.1
    DoggCatcher Podcast Player v1.1.1668
    Doodle Jump_1.5.0
    Droid Mini Golf - PRO v4.7.1
    Droplitz Delight v1.3.1
    Dual Mount SD Widget v2.11 ROOT REQ
    DynamoKid Touch v3.0.2
    Dynomaster v2.11
    EasyMoney v1.5.4
    ElectroDroid (Donate) v1.6
    EMail Widget v4.1
    Entity Sensor (EMF Detector) v3.5
    eRay v2.91
    F1 2010 Timing App - CP v2.58
    FartDroid v4.0.1
    Flee v1.06
    Flight Director_1.7.2
    Flightradar24 Pro v2.0
    Folder Organizer v3.1
    Forum Runner v1.1.14
    Gem Magic v1.3
    Gentle Alarm v2.5.9
    Glucool Diabetes v1.4.2
    Go!Chat Facebook Pro v2.1.4
    Got To Do v1.2.8
    Guns n Glory v1.4.2
    Hot Reboot v2.21 ROOT REQ
    Hustler Mobile v1.1
    Hyper Jump_1.6.5
    Leave Devil Alone HD v1.0.2
    Leonard Frog v3.8.4
    Light Grid Pro Live Wallpaper v2.1.2
    LightUp v1.10
    Madness Hanoi v1.0
    MathPac Calculator with Graphing v5.0
    Mini Info v1.7.1
    Moblox v1.2.2
    Moxier Mail (Exchange Server) v2.8.0
    mp3tagger pro v1.9
    Mr. Hat and the Magic Cube v1.0
    MX Moto_1.0.0
    OfficeSuite Viewer v1.5.264
    Photaf 3D Panorama Pro v1.8.8
    Photoid PRO v2.3.0
    Pool Break Pro v1.7.0
    PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker_1.0-build-10
    RecForge - Audio Recorder v1.0.7
    Remote VNC Pro v1.8.4
    Ringleader Pro v1.3.2
    Trainer UV Pro Full_2.3.5b
    Shazam Encore v2.5.0-BB70126
    Shoot U!_1.4.9
    Slimeball Speedway v1.41
    Slugs v3.3
    Smart Keyboard Pro v3.10.1
    Steambirds v1.0
    Super Tumble_1.3.3
    Swords and Earrings - Tales of Andaria v1.2
    Swype WVGA v2.10.52.13753
    Sygic Aura Drive 2.0 build R-18575
    Sygic Aura Drive 2.0.2b
    SystemPanel App and Task Manager v1.0.7
    Talking Carl v1.0
    TapeMachine Recorder v1.6.7
    Thinking Space Pro v2.1.1
    Titanium Backup_3.5.7.1cracked ROOT REQ
    Touch Racing Nitro v1.2.2
    Twidroyd Pro v4.2.0
    U Connect v1.1
    Ultra keyboard v5.6.2
    WidgetLocker Lockscreen v1.2.8
    Wifi Tracker v1.0.56

    and Alot more......

    LOTS of Applications ! check it out your self .

    How to Install apps with the .apk extension:

    Android Games Collection

    Selasa, 12 Juni 2012

    Free Game Hp Cross

    0001.Mario Bros  (JU).nes
    0002.Super Mario Bros (JU).nes
    0019.Blue Shadow(E).nes
    0021 - loony tunes - twouble! (u)(oldskool).gbc
    0029.Kage no Densetsu(J).nes
    0030.Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers(U).nes
    0031 - gex - enter the gecko (u)(oldskool).gbc
    0033 - loony tunes - twouble! (m06)(oldskool).gbc
    0035.Captain America and the Avengers(U).nes
    0036.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2(U).nes
    0043 - bugs bunny - operation carrot (m06)(eurasia).gbc
    0046.Hudson's Adventure Island 3(U).nes
    0049 - montezuma's return (m05)(oldskool).gbc
    0056 - the smurfs nightmare (m04)(capital).gbc
    0063.Saiyuuki World  (J).nes
    0065.Super Mario Bros 2 (U).nes
    0066.Super Mario Bros 3 (U).nes
    0067.Super Mario USA  (J).nes
    0077.Duck Tales  (E).nes
    0078.Duck Tales  (Prototype) (U).nes
    0079.Duck Tales 2  (J).nes
    0093.Kung-Fu Heroes  (U).nes
    0097.Mega Man 2  (U).nes
    0099.Mega Man 4  (U).nes
    0100.Mega Man 5  (U).nes
    0101.Mega Man 6  (U).nes
    0117 - lucky luke (m04)(eurasia & nightfall).gbc
    0120.Batman2  (J).nes
    0125 - super mario bros. dx (u)(menace).gbc
    0125.Blaster Master  (Prototype) (U).nes
    0126.Darkwing Duck  (Prototype) (U).nes
    0127.Darkwing Duck(U).nes
    0130.5Seirei Densetsu Lickle(J).nes
    0132.Super Chinese(J).nes
    0136.Elevator Action(U).nes
    0138.Mad City(J).nes
    0140.Spartan X(J).nes
    0144.Power Blade 2(U).nes
    0163.Fist of the North Star(U).nes
    0164.Goonies 2, The(E).nes
    0165 - spy vs spy (m07)(oldskool).gbc
    0165.Ninja Crusaders(U).nes
    0177.Heisei Tensai Bakabon  (J).nes
    0184.Ninja Gaiden 2 - The Dark Sword of Chaos(U).nes
    0197.Attack of the Killer Tomatoes(U).nes
    0200.T&C Surf Design  (U).nes
    0205 - pitfall - beyond the jungle (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0217.Adventures of Bayou Billy(U).nes
    0218 - looney tunes (u)(menace).gbc
    0224 - antz (m06)(capital).gbc
    0228 - turok 2 - seeds of evil (j)(eurasia).gbc
    0229 - duke nukem (m05)(capital).gbc
    0238.Bad Dudes  (U).nes
    0239.Bad Street Brawler  (U).nes
    0241 - tom & jerry (u)(menace).gbc
    0251 - elmo in grouchland (u)(oldskool).gbc
    0252 - rugrats - time travelers (u)(oldskool).gbc
    0252.Batman  (E).nes
    0253.Batman  (J).nes
    0254.Batman - Return of the Joker(U).nes
    0255.Batman Returns  (U).nes
    0264.Bible Adventures  (V1.3) (U).nes
    0267 - earthworm jim - menace 2 the galaxy (u)(menace).gbc
    0267.Bionic Commando  (E).nes
    0268.Bionic Commando  (U).nes
    0270 - mr. nutz (m06)(menace).gbc
    0273 - papyrus (m06)(oldskool).gbc
    0283 - mission - impossible (m05)(menace).gbc
    0290 - turok - rage wars (m04)(menace).gbc
    0298.Castle of Dragon  (U).nes
    0300.Castlevania 2 - Simon's Quest(E).nes
    0301.Castlevania 2 - Simon's Quest(U).nes
    0303.Castlevania (U).nes
    0307.Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers(E).nes
    0308.Chip to Dale no Dai Sakusen 2  (J).nes
    0323 - the mask of zorro (u)(menace).gbc
    0327 - les visiteurs (f)(high society).gbc
    0343 - daffy duck - fowl play (u)(menace).gbc
    0346.Dirty Harry(U).nes
    0360.Downtown - Nekketsu Monogatari(J).nes
    0372.Dragon's Lair(E).nes
    0373.Dragon's Lair(J).nes
    0374.Duck Tales(U).nes
    0377.Dynamite Batman(J).nes
    0381 - ghosts 'n goblins (u)(menace).gbc
    0395 - super chinese fighter ex (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0418.Flying Dragon - The Secret Scroll(U).nes
    0419 - super mario bros. dx (u)(oldskool).gbc
    0421.Frankenstein - The Monster Returns(U).nes
    0426 - tonic trouble (m06)(lightforce).gbc
    0451 - meta fight (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0457 - thunder blast man (u)(acey).gbc
    0466.Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (E).nes
    0467.Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (U).nes
    0468 - duffy duck - fowl play (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0484.Hello Kitty World  (J).nes
    0485.Hi no Tori - Houou Hen - Gaou no Bouken(J).nes
    0494.Hokuto no Ken  (J).nes
    0495.Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York  (U).nes
    0502.Hudson Hawk  (J).nes
    0503.Hudson Hawk(U).nes
    0505.Hudson's Adventure Island(U).nes
    0507 - spirou (m07)(high society).gbc
    0526 - asterix - search for dogmatix (m06)(paradox).gbc
    0528 - the mask of zorro (u)(oldskool).gbc
    0540 - gold and glory - the road to el dorado (u)(menace).gbc
    0541 - toonsylvania (m06)(high society).gbc
    0550.Kage  (J).nes
    0553.Kame no Ongaeshi - Urashima Densetsu(J).nes
    0554 - power rangers lightspeed rescue (u)(menace).gbc
    0557.Karnov  (J).nes
    0558.Karnov  (U).nes
    0563 - daikuno gensan (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0578.Krion Conquest, The  (U).nes
    0597.Little Mermaid - Ningyo Hime(J).nes
    0598.Little Mermaid.nes
    0599Little Samson  (U).nes
    0617 - blaster master (u)(lightforce).gbc
    0617.Magical Doropie  (J).nes
    0618 - spider-man (u)(lightforce).gbc
    0637.Marvel's X-Men  (U).nes
    0641.Mega Man 2   (E).nes
    0643.Mega Man 4  (E).nes
    0644.Mega Man 4  (U).nes
    0645.Mega Man   (E).nes
    0647 - titus the fox to marrakech and back (u)(lightforce).gbc
    0651 - spider-man (f)(high society).gbc
    0654.Metal Gear(E).nes
    0659 - buffy - the vampire slayer (u)(eurasia).gbc
    0659.Metroid   (E).nes
    0660.Metroid  (U).nes
    0673 - elevator action ex (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0677 - gold and glory - the road to el dorado (m06)(paradox).gbc
    0687 - rockman x (j)(dualcrew shining).gbc
    0687.Monster Party(U).nes
    0689.Moon Crystal(J).nes
    0693 - titi - le tour du monde en 80 chats (f)(paradox).gbc
    0702.Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu(J).nes
    0707.New Ghostbusters 2  (J).nes
    0711.Ninja Crusaders - Ryuuga  (J).nes
    0713.Ninja Kun - Ashura no Shou  (J).nes
    0714.Ninja Ryukenden 2 - Ankoku no Jashin Ken  (J).nes
    0718.Obake no Q Tarou - Wanwan Panic  (J).nes
    0742 - blade (u)(menace).gbc
    0744 - batman beyond - return of the joker (u)(menace).gbc
    0758 - 102 dalmatians - puppies to the rescue (u)(menace).gbc
    0763 - dexter's laboratory - robot rampage (u)(menace).gbc
    0787.Rambo  (J).nes
    0788.Rambo  (U).nes
    0789.Rampage  (U).nes
    0795.River City Ransom(U).nes
    0803.Rockman 2 - Dr Wily no Nazo(J).nes
    0805.Rockman 4 - Aratanaru Yabou!!(J).nes
    0806 - batman of the future - return of the joker (m03)(paradox).gbc
    0808.Rockman  (J).nes
    0824 - dragon tales - dragon wings (u)(eurasia).gbc
    0829.SD Hero Soukessen - Taose! Aku no Gundan(J).nes
    0838.Shadow Warriors 2   (E).nes
    0839.Shatterhand   (E).nes
    0840.Shatterhand  (U).nes
    0841.Shatterhand  (U).nes
    0853.Simpsons - Bart Vs the World(U).nes
    0854.Simpsons - Bartman Meets Radioactive Man(U).nes
    0855.Skate or Die 2 - The Search for Double Trouble(U).nes
    0857 - hiryu no ken retsuden (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0859.Snake's Revenge(E).nes
    0860.Snake's Revenge(U).nes
    0862 - barbie ocean discovery (u)(arp).gbc
    0862.Snow Bros  (U).nes
    0863.Snow Bros(U).nes
    0868 - megaman xtreme (u)(capital).gbc
    0875.Splatter House - Wanpaku Graffiti  (J).nes
    0882.Stanley - The Search for Dr Livingston(U).nes
    0887 - action man (u)(menace).gbc
    0888 - rhino rumble (u)(menace).gbc
    0889 - 102 dalmatiner (g)(arrogance).gbc
    0891 - les 102 dalmatiens a la rescousse (f)(hotstuffers).gbc
    0896 - animorphs (m05)(lightforce).gbc
    0899.Street Gangs(E).nes
    0904.Super Mario Bros 2 (E).nes
    0905.Super Mario Bros 2 .nes
    0909.Super Mario Bros  (E).nes
    0910.Super Mario Bros (JU).nes
    0913 - karate joe (u)(capital).gbc
    0924.Sword Master(E).nes
    0925.Sword Master(J).nes
    0926.Sword Master(U).nes
    0933.Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima 3(J).nes
    0934.Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima 4(J).nes
    0939 - flipper and lopaka (m10)(capital).gbc
    0945.Tatakai no Banka (Trojan) (J).nes
    0953 - aliens - thanatos encounter (u)(eurasia).gbc
    0960 - elevator action ex (m05)(capital).gbc
    0961 - robin hood (m06)(capital).gbc
    0973 - elmo in grouchland (u)(darkforce).gbc
    0975.Tokkyuu Shirei - Solbrain(J).nes
    0981 - tintin in tibet (m07)(paradox).gbc
    0986.Toxic Crusaders(U).nes
    0988 - rainbow islands (m05)(capital).gbc
    0992 - spider-man (j)(oldskool).gbc
    1001.Ultraman Club - Kaijuu Dai Kessen!!(J).nes
    1004.Utsurun Desu  (J)ÎÛȾ.nes
    1017 - gremlins (m06)(menace).gbc
    1018.Whomp'Em  (U).nes
    1026 - tootuff (m06)(high society).gbc
    1026.Wrath of the Black Manta (E).nes
    1027.Wrath of the Black Manta (U).nes
    1032.Xexyz  (U).nes
    1037.Yume Penguin Monogatari(J).nes
    1040 - woody woodpecker (m05)(lightforce).gbc
    1052 - wwf betrayal (u)(venom).gbc
    1057.Ninja Cat (J).nes
    1063 - woody woodpecker (u)(gb lamers).gbc
    1080.AD&D Heroes of the Lance (J).nes
    1082.Addams Family - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt, The (U).nes
    1089 - monsters inc. (u)(lightforce).gbc
    1096 - mega man xtreme 2 (u)(lightforce).gbc
    1113 - kirikou (m06)(venom).gbc
    1117 - halloween baby felix (m06)(eurasia).gbc
    1121 - gremlins unleashed (m06)(venom).gbc
    1149 - die monster ag (g)(lightforce).gbc
    1181.Batman Returns(U).nes
    1215.digimon 2 (C).gbc
    1250.Captain America and the Avengers(U).nes
    1340.Home Alone (J).gb
    1344.Hudson Hawk (J).gb
    1345.Hudson Hawk (U).gb
    1354.Ironman X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal (U).gb
    1363.Joe & Mac (U).gb
    1364.Jungle Wars (J).gb
    1395.Mouse Trap Hotel (U).gb
    1402.Ninja Boy 2 (U).gb
    1430.Robocop 2 (U).gb
    1432.RoboCop (U).gb
    1433.Rockman World (J).gb
    1439.Skate or Die - Bad 'N Rad (E).gb
    1470.Tom & Jerry (U).gb
    2124.Star Wars (Victor) (J).nes

    password RAR click here

    0003.Battle City(J).nes
    0011.Antarctic Adventure (J).nes
    0014 - frogger (e)(eurasia).gbc
    0016.Ice Climber (U).nes
    0018.Balloon Fight (JU).nes
    0022 - montezuma's return (m02)(eurasia).gbc
    0051 - bugs bunny crazy castle 3 (j)(network international ltd.).gbc
    0051.Donkey Kong  (U).nes
    0052.Donkey Kong Jr. + Jr. Lesson (J).nes
    0053.Donkey Kong Jr. Math  (U).nes
    0054 - shadowgate classic (m05)(eurasia).gbc
    0061.Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2  (U).nes
    0071 - doraemon kart 2 (j)(network international ltd.).gbc
    0080.Gremlin 2 - Shinshu Tanjou(J).nes
    0094 - shadowgate classic v1.1 (m05)(paradox).gbc
    0095.Lode Runner(J).nes
    0097 - quest fantasy challenge (u)(menace).gbc
    0099 - pokemon pinball (j)(xexex).gbc
    0109.Mickey Mouse 3 - Yume Fuusen(J).nes
    0112 - barbie - ocean discovery (u)(duz).gbc
    0140 - maya the bee and her friends (m03)(oldskool).gbc
    0143.Mighty Bomb Jack(U).nes
    0145 - paperboy (u)(menace).gbc
    0145.Burger Time (U).nes
    0150.City Connection(U).nes
    0153.Garfield - A Week of Garfield (J).nes
    0156 - spy vs spy (u)(menace).gbc
    0160 - hugo 2.5 (g)(paradox).gbc
    0164 - pokemon pinball (u)(menace).gbc
    0167 - caesars palace ii (u)(menace).gbc
    0169 - holy magic century (m03)(capital).gbc
    0174 - frogger (m06)(oldskool).gbc
    0175.Dough Boy (J).nes
    0177 - doraemon walking labyrinth (j)(eurasia & nightfall).gbc
    0179.Chibi Maruko-chan 2 - Deluxe Maruko World (J).gb
    0180.Chibi Maruko-chan 3 - Mezase! Game Taishou no Maki (J).gb
    0180.Super Arabian (J).nes
    0181.Chibi Maruko-chan - Maruko Deluxe Gekijou (J).gb
    0181.Super Pitfall(J).nes
    0182.Chibi Maruko-chan - Okodukai Daisakusen! (J).gb
    0185.Crystal Mines(U).nes
    0186.Grand Master (J).nes
    0187 - spy vs spy (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0190 - chase hq - secret police (u)(menace).gbc
    0190.Chou Majin Eiyuuden Wataru - Mazekko Monster (J).gb
    0191.Chousoku Spinner (J).gb
    0201.Crayon Shin-chan 2 - Ora to Wanpaku Gokko Dazo (J).gb
    0201.Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2 (J).nes
    0202.2Crayon Shin-chan 3 - Ora no Gokigen Athletic (J).gb
    0203.Crayon Shin-chan - Ora no Gokigen Collection (J).gb
    0204.Crayon Shin-chan - Ora to Shiro ha Otomodachi dayo (J).gb
    0207.Cult Master - Ultraman ni Miserarete (J).gb
    0209 - pac-man sce (u)(menace).gbc
    0218.Adventures of Captain Comic(U).nes
    0222.Alfred Chicken (U).nes
    0226 - zebco fishing (u)(duz).gbc
    0234.Athena .nes
    0235.Athena .nes
    0237 - die maus (m04)(paradox).gbc
    0237.Babel no Tou  (J).nes
    0238.Doraemon 2 - Animal Wakusei Densetsu (J).gb
    0239.Doraemon (J).gb
    0240.Doraemon no GameBoy de Asobouyo Deluxe 10 (J).gb
    0241.Doraemon no Study Boy - Shou ni Kokugo Kanji (J).gb
    0242 - bubble bobble (u)(menace).gbc
    0242.Bakushou!! Jinsei Gekijoh (J).nes
    0244.Balloon Fight  (E).nes
    0254 - ms. pac-man sce (u)(menace).gbc
    0255 - ballistic (u)(menace).gbc
    0259.Dragon Ball Z - Goku Hishouden (J).gb
    0261 - bass masters classic (u)(oldskool).gbc
    0271.Blaster Master  (E).nes
    0272.Blaster Master  (U).nes
    0275.DX Bakenou (J).gb
    0276.Boy and His Blob - Trouble on Blobolonia, A(E).nes
    0276.DX Bakenou Z (J) (v1.0).gb
    0277.DX Bakenou Z (J) (v1.1).gb
    0278.Breakthru  (U).nes
    0284.Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout.nes
    0285.Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle(U).nes
    0286.Bugs Bunny Fun House(U).nes
    0288.Burger Time (J).nes
    0291.Family Jockey 2 - Meiba no Kettou (J).gb
    0292.Family Jockey (J).gb
    0293 - ms. pac-man sce (u)(gb lamers).gbc
    0293.Famista 2 (J).gb
    0294.Famista 3 (J).gb
    0295 - pumuckl's abenteuer bei den piraten (g)(menace).gbc
    0296.Casino Kid (U).nes
    0297.Castle Excellent  (J).nes
    0299.Castlequest  (U).nes
    0304 - pac-man sce (u)(high society).gbc
    0308 - game and watch gallery 3 (u)(menace).gbc
    0310.Chou Wakusei Senki - Metafight (J).nes
    0311 - deja vu i&ii (m02)(menace).gbc
    0312.Chubby Cherub (U).nes
    0313.Circus Caper (U).nes
    0315 - konami gb collection vol.1 (u)(capital).gbc
    0322.From TV Animation Slam Dunk 2 - Zenkoku heno Tip Off (J).gb
    0323.From TV Animation Slam Dunk - Gakeppuchi no Kesshou League (J).gb
    0326.Crazy Climber(J).nes
    0340.GameBoy Gallery 2 (A).sav
    0342 - deer hunter (u)(thecorporation).gbc
    0348.Donkey Kong 3 (JUE).nes
    0349.Donkey Kong Classics.nes
    0350.Donkey Kong Jr.(JU).nes
    0351.Donkey Kong Jr. no Sansuu Asobi  (J).nes
    0356.Gear Works (U).gb
    0358.Gekitou Power Modeller (J).gb
    0369 - the legend of soukoban (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0379 - oddworld adventures 2 (m05)(menace).gbc
    0382.Esper Bouken Tai(J).nes
    0390.Exodus  (V4.0) (U).nes
    0399.Drac's Night Out (Prototype) (U).nes
    0410.Gurander Musashi RV (J).gb
    0417 - shamus (u)(menace).gbc
    0420 - konami gb collection vol.2 (u)(capital).gbc
    0423.Friday the 13th (U).nes
    0425.Fun House (U).nes
    0432.Honoo no Doukyuuji - Dodge Danpei (J).gb
    0435.Ganbare Goemon! - Karakuri Douchuu  (J).nes
    0458.Jankenman (J).gb
    0459.Goonies 2 - Fratelli Saigo no Chousen (J).nes
    0459.Janshirou (J).gb
    0460.Goonies 2(U).nes
    0475.Hana no Star Kaidou(J).nes
    0486.Hirake! Ponkikki  (J).nes
    0488.Hiryuu no Ken - Ougi no Sho(J).nes
    0491.Hokuto no Ken 2 - Seikimatsu Kyuuseishu Densetsu (J).nes
    0492.Hokuto no Ken 3 - Shin Seiki Souzou Seiken Restuden (J).nes
    0493 - konami gb collection vol.3 (u)(eurasia).gbc
    0506.Hydlide  (U).nes
    0507.Hydlide Special (J).nes
    0509.Ice Climber  (J).nes
    0513 - puzzle bobble 4 (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0518.Ikki  (J).nes
    0519 - toobin' (u)(menace).gbc
    0525 - mary-kate & ashley - get a clue! (u)(capital).gbc
    0530.Jarinko Chie - Bakudan Musume no Shiawase Sagashi(J).nes
    0532.Jikuu Yuuden - Debias(J).nes
    0535.JJ - Tobidase Daisakusen Part 2  (J).nes
    0543.Jurassic Park  (U).nes
    0555 - mr. driller (j)(dualcrew shining).gbc
    0556.Karateka  (J).nes
    0561.Kickle Cubicle (E).nes
    0562.Kickle Cubicle(U).nes
    0563.Kid Icarus  (UE).nes
    0567.King Kong 2 - Ikari no Megaton Punch (J).nes
    0568 - bubble bobble (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0569 - chase hq - secret police (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0570 - loderunner (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0572.Kiteretsu Dai Hyakka  (J).nes
    0588.Legend of Prince Valiant(E).nes
    0600.Lode Runner (U).nes
    0603.Lost Word of Jenny (J).nes
    0607 - cr monster house (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0609.M.U.L.E.  (U).nes
    0611.Mad Max   (U).nes
    0612.Mafat Conspiracy - Golgo 13(U).nes
    0624.Mikineko Holmes no Kishidou (J).gb
    0627.Maison Ikkoku  (J) .nes
    0629.Mini 4 Boy (J).gb
    0630.Majou Densetsu 2 - Daimashikyou Galious(J).nes
    0632.Maniac Mansion(J).nes
    0633.Mappy (J).nes
    0634.Mappy-Land  (J).nes
    0635.Mappy-Land  (U).nes
    0638 - hype - the time quest (m08)(menace).gbc
    0639.MC Kids  (U).nes
    0640.McDonaldland (E).nes
    0644.Monopoly (E) (M3).gb
    0645.Monopoly (J).gb
    0648.Meikyuu Kumikyoku (J).nes
    0668.Milon's Secret Castle (U).nes
    0669.Milon's Secret Castle (J).nes
    0670.Miracle Ropit's Adventure in 2100(J).nes
    0680.Moeru! Oniisan  (J).nes
    0683.Money Game, The  (J).nes
    0684 - the flintstones - burgertime in bedrock (m05)(menace).gbc
    0684.Monopoly  (J).nes
    0685 - the adventures of the smurfs (m06)(network international ltd.).gbc
    0685.Monopoly  (U).nes
    0688 - balloon fight (u)(dualcrew shining).gbc
    0694.Ms Pac-Man (Namco)  (U).nes
    0696.My Life My Love - Boku no Yume - Watashi no Negai  (J).nes
    0697.Mystery Quest  (U).nes
    0698.Nagagutsu wo Haita Neko - Sekai Isshuu 80 Nichi Dai Bouken  (J).nes
    0712.Ninja Hattori Kun  (J).nes
    0714 - barbie - magic genie adventure (u)(menace).gbc
    0715 - lego - alpha team (u)(menace).gbc
    0716.Noah's Ark  (E).nes
    0719.Okhotsk ni Kiyu - Hokkaidou Rensa Satsujin  (J).nes
    0733 - laura (m08)(menace).gbc
    0733.Pac-Man (Namco)   (E).nes
    0753.Pachinko Monogatari Gaiden (J).gb
    0756.Pooyan  (J).nes
    0757 - lego - alpha team (m10)(high society).gbc
    0758.Popeye (JU).nes
    0763.Princess Tomato in Salad Kingdom  (U).nes
    0770.Pac-Man (J).gb
    0774.Pyokotan no Dai Meiro  (J).nes
    0779.Quest of Ki, The  (J).nes
    0786.Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2(J).nes
    0793.Ren & Stimpy Show, The  (U).nes
    0798.Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves  (U).nes
    0807 - the mummy (m03)(paradox).gbc
    0809.Rod Land  (E).nes
    0810.Rod Land  (J).nes
    0815.Saint Seiya - Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen  (J).nes
    0822 - gift (u)(capital).gbc
    0826.SD Gundam - Gachapon Senshi 4 - New Type Story(J).nes
    0870 - gifty (u)(hotstuffers).gbc
    0871.Spelunker 2 - Yuusha heno Chousen(J).nes
    0872.Spelunker (U).nes
    0878.Spy Vs Spy (E).nes
    0879.Spy Vs Spy (U).nes
    0881 - croc 2 (u)(dualcrew shining).gbc
    0886 - hamunaptra - the lost city (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0886.Star Trek - The Next Generation(U).nes
    0888.Ranma 1-2 - Netsuretsu Kakutou Hen (J).gb
    0923.Swamp Thing   (U).nes
    0926 - black onyx (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0934 - spongebob squarepants - legend of the lost spatula (u)(menace).gbc
    0941 - dragon tales - dragon wings (u)(rapid fire).gbc
    0941.Tantei Jinguuji Saburou - Toki no Sugiyuku Mama ni(J).nes
    0955 - lego island 2 (m03)(eurasia).gbc
    0966.Tetsudou Ou - Famicom Boardgame (J).nes
    0974.Toki no Tabibito  (J).nes
    0978.Tonjan!  (J).nes
    0979.Toobin  (U).nes
    0984.Toukyou Pachi Slot Adventure(J).nes
    0989.Transformers - Comvoy no Nazo(J).nes
    0990.Treasure Master(U).nes
    0998 - lego island 2 (m10)(paradox).gbc
    1005.Valis - The Fantastic Soldier (J).nes
    1008.Wagan Land 2  (J).nes
    1009.Wagan Land  (J).nes
    1011.Wall Street Kid  (U).nes
    1016.Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego (U).nes
    1023.Woody Poko  (J).nes
    1039 - dracula - crazy vampire (m05)(lightforce).gbc
    1042.Zombie Hunter  (J).nes
    1044.02Rainbow Islands - The Story of Bubble Bobble 2.nes
    1053 - the flintstones - burgertime in bedrock (u)(gb lamers).gbc
    1053.Super Momotarou Dentetsu (J).gb
    1097 - kelly club clubhouse fun (u)(lightforce).gbc
    1125 - e.t. escape from planet earth (u)(lightforce).gbc

     0038.Chuugoku Janshi Story - Tonpuu(J).nes
    0042.Family Mahjong 2 - Shanghai Heno Michi(J).nes
    0044 - mahjong quest (j)(network international ltd.).gbc
    0044.Majaventure - Mahjong Senki(J).nes
    0057.Mahjong Club - Nagatachou(J).nes
    0059.Mahjong RPG Dora Dora Dora(J).nes
    0061.Bamse (SW).gb
    0062.Banishing Racer (J).gb
    0068 - mahjong king (j)(network international ltd.).gbc
    0090.Beavis and Butt-Head (U).gb
    0092 - kiwame 2 (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0092.Beetlejuice (U).gb
    0095.Bill & Ted's Excellent GameBoy Adventure (UE).gb
    0096 - las vegas cool hand (m03)(oldskool).gbc
    0096.Bionic Battler (U).gb
    0099.Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (J).gb
    0100.Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R (J).gb
    0103.Blaster Master Boy (U).gb
    0105.Blodia (J).gb
    0108.Boggle Plus (U).gb
    0111.Bomb Jack (U).gb
    0115 - shougi 2 (j)(eurasia & nightfall).gbc
    0115.Bomberman GB2 (J).gb
    0116 - shogi oh (j)(eurasia & nightfall).gbc
    0118.Bomberman GB (U).gb
    0121.Booby Boys (J).gb
    0122.Boomer's Adventure in ASMIK World (U).gb
    0125.Boulder Dash (U).gb
    0127.Boxxle II (U).gb
    0128.Brain Drain (E).gb
    0132.Break Thru! (U).gb
    0135.Bubble Bobble Junior (J).gb
    0136.Bubble Bobble Part 2 (U).gb
    0138.Bubble Ghost (U).gb
    0139.Bugs Bunny (U).gb
    0140.Bugs Bunny Collection (J) (v1.0).gb
    0141.Bugs Bunny Collection (J) (v1.1).gb
    0142.Bugs Bunny, The - Crazy Castle II (U).gb
    0145.Burger Time Deluxe (JU).gb
    0146 - katou 123 (j)(eurasia & nightfall).gbc
    0147.Bust-A-Move 2 - Arcade Edition (U).gb
    0148.Bust-A-Move 3 DX (U).gb
    0149.Buster Brothers (U).gb
    0150.Ca Da (J).gb
    0151.Cadillac II (J).gb
    0152 - jinsei tomedachi (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0154 - kadume monsters (j)(eurasia & nightfall).gbc
    0154.Caesars Palace (U).gb
    0155 - pocket hanafuda (j)(eurasia & nightfall).gbc
    0155.Capcom Quiz - Hatena no Daibouken (J).gb
    0159.Casino Funpak (U).gb
    0161.Casper (U).gb
    0164.Castle Quest (U).gb
    0169.Catrap (U).gb
    0170.Cave Noire (J).gb
    0171.Centipede (E).gb
    0172.Chacha-Maru Boukenki 3 - Abyss no Tou (J).gb
    0173.Chacha-Maru Panic (J).gb
    0174.Chalvo 55 - Super Puzzle Action (J).gb
    0175.Championship Pool (UE).gb
    0184.Chiki Chiki Tengoku (J).gb
    0199.Cool Ball (E).gb
    0203.Nin Uchi Mahjong  (J).nes
    0209.Cyraid (U).gb
    0224.Dexterity (U).gb
    0226.Die Maus (E) (M4).gb
    0247.Double Yakuman (J).gb
    0248.Double Yakuman II (J).gb
    0249.Double Yakuman Junior (J).gb
    0255.Dr. Mario (JU) (v1.1).gb
    0263.DragonHeart (U).gb
    0278.Dynablaster (E).gb
    0284.Ename Asatarou + Kojima Takeo no Jissen Mahjong Kyoushitsu (J).gb
    0294 - beatmania gb 2 (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0299.Fidgetts, The (J).gb
    0300.Fidgetts, The (UE) (M7).gb
    0307.Final Reverse (J).gb
    0309.Fish Dude (U).gb
    0311.Flappy Special (J).gb
    0318.Color A Dinosaur  (U).nes
    0318.Fortified Zone (U).gb
    0321.Frisky Tom (J).gb
    0324.Funny Field (J).gb
    0332.Daiva - Imperial of Nirsartia  (J).nes
    0332.Game & Watch Gallery 2 (U).gb
    0335.Game & Watch Gallery (U) (v1.1).gb
    0349 - kidou senkan nadesco ruri ruri mahjong (j)(independent).gbc
    0355.GB Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! Jr (J).gb
    0359 - dogz (u)(menace).gbc
    0369.Go Go Ackman (J).gb
    0376.Godzilla (U).gb
    0377.Godzilla-kun (J).gb
    0386 - joryu janshi ni chousen gb (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0394.Famicom Shougi - Ryuuousen  (J).nes
    0396.Family Computer - Othello  (J).nes
    0401 - pachinko hissho guide - the king of data (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0402 - owarai yoiko n.g dou - oyaji sagashite 3 choume (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0415.Head On (J).gb
    0418.Heiankyo Alien (U).gb
    0419.Heisei Tensai Bakabon (J).gb
    0428.Home Alone (U).gb
    0431.Honmei Boy (J).gb
    0442.Hyper Lode Runner (JU).gb
    0444.Incredible Crash Dummies, The (U).gb
    0448 - catz (u)(lightforce).gbc
    0451.Itchy & Scratchy in Miniature Golf Madness! (U).gb
    0454.J.League Big Wave Soccer (J).gb
    0455.J.League Supporter Soccer - Nippon Daihyou France de Ganbare (J).gb
    0462.Jelly Boy (U).gb
    0489 - konkaku hanafuda (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0491.Kawa no Nushi Tsuri 3 (J).gb
    0494.Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba (J).gb
    0498.Kidoukeisatsu Patlabor (J).gb
    0499.Kiduchida Quiz da Minamoto-San da! (J).gb
    0503.Kingyo Chuuihou! - Wapiko no Wakuwaku Stamp Rally! (J).gb
    0510.Kitchen Panic (J).gb
    0511.Kiteretsu Daihyakka - Bouken Daikouko Juraki (J).gb
    0512 - hisshatsu pachinko boy (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0512.Klax (J).gb
    0513.Klax (U).gb
    0514 - kanji de puzzle (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0517 - keiba jou e ikou wide (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0517.Konami GB Collection Vol.1 (J).gb
    0518.Konami GB Collection Vol.2 (J).gb
    0519.Konami GB Collection Vol.3 (J).gb
    0525.Koro Dice (J).gb
    0526.Koukiatsu Boy (J).gb
    0529.Kuma no Puutarou - Takara Sagashida Dainyuu Game Battle! (J).gb
    0533 - gute zeiten schlechte zeiten quiz (g)(paradox).gbc
    0546.Lemmings 2 - The Tribes (U).gb
    0547.Lemmings (E).gb
    0558.Lolo no Daibouken (J).gb
    0564.Lucky Monkey (J).gb
    0565.Lunar Lander (J).gb
    0569.Maerchen Club (J).gb
    0570.Magical Taruruuto-kun 2 - Raibaa Zone Panic! (J).gb
    0571 - mahjong kobo (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0577.Mario's Picross (UE).gb
    0578.Marmalade Boy (J).gb
    0585.McDonaldland (U).gb
    0610 - taisen tsume shogi (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0619.Mickey's Ultimate Challenge (U).gb
    0621.Midori no Makibaou (J).gb
    0625.Milon no Meikyuu Kumikyoku (J).gb
    0626.Milon's Secret Castle (U).gb
    0627.Miner 2049er (U).gb
    0636 - arthur's absolutely fun day! (u)(eurasia).gbc
    0636.Mogura De Pon! (J).gb
    0638.Mole Mania (U).gb
    0646.Monopoly (U).gb
    0662 - beat mania gb gotcha mix 2 (u)(oldskool).gbc
    0662.Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise (U).gb
    0667.Mysterium (U).gb
    0672.Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (U).gb
    0674 - neon evangelion mahjong (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0674.Nail'N Scale (U).gb
    0676.Namco Gallery Vol.1 (J).gb
    0677.Namco Gallery Vol.2 (J).gb
    0678.Namco Gallery Vol.3 (J).gb
    0679 - cardcaptor sakura tomoe shougakkou undoukai (j)(paradox).gbc
    0699.Naitou 9 Dan - Shougi Hiden(J).nes
    0717.Nichibutsu Mahjong - Yoshimoto Gekijou (J).gb
    0722.Ninja Boy (U).gb
    0743.Osawagase! Penguin Boy (J).gb
    0750.Pachinko CR Daiku no Gensan GB (J).gb
    0754.Pachinko Seiyuuki (J).gb
    0755.Pachinko Time (J).gb
    0756.Pachio-kun 2 (J).gb
    0757.Pachio-kun 3 (J).gb
    0758.Pachio-kun - Game Gallery (J).gb
    0759.Popeye no Eigo Asobi  (J).nes
    0760.Pachio-kun (J).gb
    0761.Pachi-Slot Hisshou Guide GB (J).gb
    0762.Pachi-Slot Kids 2 (J).gb
    0763.Pachi-Slot Kids 3 (J).gb
    0764.Pachi-Slot Kids (J).gb
    0769.Pac-Man (E).gb
    0771.Pac-Panic (J).gb
    0772.Pagemaster, The (U).gb
    0773.Painter Momopie (J).gb
    0777.Paperboy 2 (U).gb
    0778.Paperboy (U).gb
    0779.Parasol Henbee (J).gb
    0780.Parasol Stars (UE).gb
    0785.Penguin Wars (U).gb
    0786.Penguin-kun Wars VS. (J).gb
    0787.Penta Dragon (J).gb
    0790.Phantasm (J).gb
    0797.Pingu - Sekai de 1ban Genki na Penguin (J).gb
    0803 - dejiko no mahjong party (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0809.Pocket Densha (J).gb
    0811.Pocket Kanjirou (J).gb
    0822.Sansuu 4 Nen - Keisan Game  (J).nes
    0823.Sansuu 5 & 6 Nen - Keisan Game  (J).nes
    0837.Ponta to Hinako no Chindouchuu - Yuutou Hen (J).gb
    0842.Popeye (J).gb
    0873.Q-bert for GameBoy (UE).gb
    0885 - doraemon no study boy - kanji game (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0890.Ray-Thunder (J).gb
    0894.Ren & Stimpy Show, The - Space Cadet Adventures (U).gb
    0896.Rentaiou (J).gb
    0901.Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves (G).gb
    0903 - nakayoshi pet series 4 kawaii koneko (j)(paradox).gbc
    0909 - warau inu no bouken (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0909.Rodland (J).gb
    0910.Rodland (U).gb
    0931.Sanrio Uranai Party (J).gb
    0937.SD Lupin III - Kinko Yaburi Daisakusen (J).gb
    0950.Serpent (U).gb
    0981.Snoopy no Hajimete no Otsukai (J).gb
    0983.Snow Bros. Jr. (U).gb
    1001.Spanky's Quest (E).gb
    1012.Spot - The Cool Adventure (J).gb
    1013.Spot - The Cool Adventure (U).gb
    1015.Spud's Adventure (U).gb
    1018.Star Trek - The Next Generation (U).gb
    1021.Star Trek Generations - Beyond the Nexus (U).gb
    1028.Wrecking Crew (JUE)È«Ìå³ÉÔ±.nes
    1038.Super Black Bass (U).gb
    1039.Super Black Bass Pocket (J).gb
    1042.Super Chinese Land (J).gb
    1067.Tail 'Gator (U).gb
    1075.Tamagotchi (F).gb
    1076.Tamagotchi (UE).gb
    1092.Teke! Teke! ASMIK World (J).gb
    1120.Tokyo Disneyland - Fantasy Tour (J).gb
    1121.Tokyo Disneyland - Mickey no Cinderella Shiro Mystery Tour (J).gb
    1128.Totsugeki Valations (J).gb
    1131.Tower of Druaga, The (J).gb
    1139.Trump Boy (J) [a].gb
    1140.Trump Boy (J).gb
    1142.Trump Boy II (J).gb
    1144.Tsume Go Series 1 - Fujisawa Hideyuki Meiyo Kisei (J).gb
    1145.Tsume Shougi - Hyakuban Shoubu (J).gb
    1146.Tsume Shougi - Kamiki Godan (J).gb
    1147.Tsume Shougi - Mondai Teikyou Shougi Sekai (J).gb
    1148.Tsuri Sensei (J).gb
    1149.Tumble Pop (J).gb
    1150.Tumble Pop (U).gb
    1154.TV Champion (J).gb
    1167.Umaban Club (J).gb
    1168.Umi no Nushi Tsuri 2 (J).gb
    1169.Undercover Cops Gaiden - Hakaishin Garumaa (J).gb
    1171.Uno 2 - Small World (J).gb
    1225.Yakyuman (J).gb
    1266.Hayaoshi Quiz - Ouza Ketteisen (J).gb
    1297.Black Bass, The - Lure Fishing (U).gb
    1398.Mr. Go no Baken Tekichuu Jutsu (J).gb
    1479.Vegas Stakes (U).gb
    2217.Where's Waldo (U).nes


    0002 - tetris dx (u)(eurasia).gbc
    0003 - game & watch gallery 2 (u)(eurasia).gbc
    0004 - glocal hexcite (j)(eurasia).gbc
    0005.Flipull - An Exciting Cube Game.nes
    0008.Pinball (E).nes
    0011 - super breakout (u)(eurasia).gbc
    0013.Arkanoid 2(J).nes
    0015.Tetris(U) .nes
    0017.Dr Mario(JU).nes
    0027 - karamucho sawag (j)(eurasia).gbc
    0032.Bubble Bobble(U).nes
    0033.Bubble Bobble 2(J).nes
    0034 - pocket color block (j)(network international ltd.).gbc
    0034.Bubble Bobble Part 2 (U).nes
    0039 - shanghai pocket (u)(network international ltd.).gbc
    0047.Othello (U).nes
    0048 - shanghai pocket (u)(oldskool).gbc
    0048.Quarth J).nes
    0050.Shanghai 2(J).nes
    0059 - gameboy gallery 3 (u)(independent).gbc
    0060.Ms Pac-Man(U).nes
    0062 - hexcite (u)(menace).gbc
    0064.Sanrio Carnival 2(J).nes
    0066 - elmo's 123 (u)(menace).gbc
    0071Adventures of Lolo 2 (J).nes
    0075.Bubble Bath Babes   (UE).nes
    0082 - hollywood pinball (m04)(capital).gbc
    0095 - klustar (m05)(tika64).gbc
    0102 - checkmate (m02)(network international ltd.).gbc
    0104.Crackout  (E).nes
    0107 - super breakout (m06)(nintendo backup crew).gbc
    0108.Gorby no Pipeline Dai Sakusen (J).nes
    0109 - rox (u)(eurasia & nightfall).gbc
    0110 - gameboy gallery 3 (j)(network international ltd.).gbc
    0114.Adventures of Lolo (U).nes
    0117.Blodia Land - Puzzle Quest (J).nes
    0119.Clu Clu Land (JU).nes
    0129.Route-16 Turbo(J).nes
    0134 - puchi carat (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0136 - hello kitty magical museum (j)(menace).gbc
    0142 - bust a move 4 (u)(ags).gbc
    0146.Super Pinball(J).nes
    0152.Eggerland - Meikyuu no Fukkatsu(J).nes
    0156.Soap Panic(J).nes
    0157 - chessmaster (u)(menace).gbc
    0173.Wit's (J).nes
    0180 - hello kitty puzzle collection (j)(eurasia & nightfall).gbc
    0198.Brush Roller (C).nes
    0221 - backgammon (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0228.Arkanoid  (U).nes
    0256 - wetrix gb (u)(oldskool).gbc
    0289 - bomberman quest (u)(menace).gbc
    0297 - marble madness (u)(menace).gbc
    0305.Championship Pool (U).nes
    0326 - hello kitty's cube frenzy (u)(menace).gbc
    0335.Datach - Crayon Shin Chan - Ora to Poi Poi  (J).nes
    0362.Dr Mario(E).nes
    0364.Getaway, The (U).gb
    0365 - minna no shogi (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0366 - uno (u)(oldskool).gbc
    0373 - super bombliss dx (u)(menace).gbc
    0380.Egypt (J).nes
    0414.Hatris (U).gb
    0421.Hero Shuugou!! Pinball Party (J).gb
    0422.Free Fall  (Prototype) (U).nes
    0429.Hon Shougi (J).gb
    0430.Hong Kong (J).gb
    0431 - puzz loop (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0438.Hunchback of Notre Dame, The - Topsy Turvy Games (U).gb
    0447 - magical tetris challenge (m07)(oldskool).gbc
    0448.InfoGenius Systems - Personal Organizer (U).gb
    0449 - dogz (u)(lightforce).gbc
    0449.InfoGenius Systems - Spell Checker and Calculator (U).gb
    0452.Itsudemo! Nyan to Wonderful (J).gb
    0458.Gomoku Narabe (J).nes
    0479.Hatris (U).nes
    0480.Hayauchi Super Igo(J).nes
    0483.Kakomun Hebi (J).gb
    0485 - honkaku taisen shogi - ayumu (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0492 - pocket color trump (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0502.King of the Zoo (J).gb
    0506.Kirby no Pinball (J).gb
    0509.Kirby's Pinball Land (U).gb
    0516.Koi ha Kakehiki (J).gb
    0522 - game conveni 21 (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0533.Kwirk (UE).gb
    0557.Lock 'N Chase (JU).gb
    0559 - wetrix gb (m03)(lightforce).gbc
    0560.Kero Kero Keroppi no Dai Bouken  (J).nes
    0561.Loopz (U).gb
    0575.Marble Madness (U).gb
    0576.Mario no Picross (J).gb
    0592.Megalit (J).gb
    0593.Megalit (U).gb
    0597 - puzzled (m03)(high society).gbc
    0601.Loopz  (U).nes
    0604.Lot Lot(J).nes
    0605.Lunar Ball  (J).nes
    0606.Lunar Pool  (E).nes
    0607.Lunar Pool  (U).nes
    0614.Magic Jewelry  (C).nes
    0619 - dragon dance (u)(menace).gbc
    0622 - microsoft puzzle collection (m05)(dualcrew shining).gbc
    0626 - cool bricks (m05)(capital).gbc
    0626.Mahjong  (J).nes
    0628.Minesweeper (J).gb
    0638.Matsumoto Tooru no Kabushiki Hisshou Gaku  (J).nes
    0640 - karamucho owakari (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0660 - the little mermaid ii - pinball frenzy (m05)(eurasia).gbc
    0663.Ms. Pac-Man (U).gb
    0675.Moai Kun(J).nes
    0689 - hamster club awasete chuu (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0709.New Chessmaster, The (U).gb
    0722.Orb 3D  (U).nes
    0726.Pachinko Dai Sakusen 2  (J).nes
    0727.Pachinko Dai Sakusen  (J).nes
    0729.Nintama Rantarou - Eawase Challenge Puzzle GB (J).gb
    0733.Nontan to Issho - Kurukuru Puzzle (J).gb
    0736.Palamedes 2 - Star Twinkles (J).nes
    0737.Palamedes  (J).nes
    0738.Palamedes  (U).nes
    0742.Parallel World  (J).nes
    0744.Peek-A-Boo Poker (UE).nes
    0745.Othello (UE).gb
    0745.Peepar Time(J).nes
    0746.Othello World (J).gb
    0749.Pictionary  (U).nes
    0759.Pachio-kun - Puzzle Castle (J).gb
    0770.Puyo Puyo  (J).nes
    0771.Puzslot  (J).nes
    0772.Puzznic  (J).nes
    0773.Puzznic  (U).nes
    0775.Palamedes (UE).gb
    0775.Pyramid  (U).nes
    0776 - backgammon (m04)(capital).gbc
    0776.Pyramid  (U).nes
    0777 - pop'n pop (u)(capital).gbc
    0777.Q-bert  (U).nes
    0782.Peetan (J).gb
    0783.Peke to Poko no Daruman Busters (J).gb
    0784.Penguin Land (J).gb
    0788 - uno (m06)(paradox).gbc
    0791.Picross 2 (J).gb
    0801.Pipe Dream (U).gb
    0801.Rock 'n' Ball.nes
    0803.Pitman (J).gb
    0812.Rollerball  (J).nes
    0815 - yogi bear - great ballon blast (u)(menace).gbc
    0819.Sanrio Carnival(J).nes
    0824.Pocket Shougi (J).gb
    0826.Pocket Stadium (J).gb
    0843.Shi Kin Jou(J).nes
    0844 - 3-d ultra pinball thrillride (u)(capital).gbc
    0851.Power Racer (U).gb
    0852.Pri Pri - Primitive Princess! (J).gb
    0856.Pro Mahjong Kiwame GB (J).gb
    0865.Puzzle Bobble GB (J).gb
    0866.Puzzle Boy (J).gb
    0867.Puzzle Boy II (J).gb
    0868.Puzzle Nintama Rantarou (J).gb
    0869.Puzznic (J).gb
    0871.Q Billion (U).gb
    0875..Quarth (J).gb
    0895.Renju Club (J).gb
    0907 - pop'n pop (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0918 - the little mermaid ii - pinball frenzy (m05)(hotstuffers).gbc
    0925 - painter (u)(capital).gbc
    0926.Same Game (J).gb
    0929.Sanrio Carnival 2 (J).gb
    0930.Sanrio Carnival (J).gb
    0930.Tagin' Dragon(U).nes
    0935 - rox (u)(rapid fire).gbc
    0937 - puzzled (u)(afrimerica).gbc
    0952.Shanghai (J).gb
    0953.Shanghai (U).gb
    0954.Shanghai Pocket (J).gb
    0956.Shikinjou (J).gb
    0964.Shisenshou - Match-Mania (J).gb
    0965.Shougi (J).gb
    0965.Tetris   (U).nes
    0973.Titan  (J).nes
    0979.Snoopy - Magic Show (J).gb
    0980.Snoopy - Magic Show (U).gb
    0989.Soldam (J).gb
    0990.Solitaire (J).gb
    0991.Solitaire Funpak (U).gb
    0992.Solomon's Club (J).gb
    0993.Solomon's Club (UE) [a].gb
    0997.Soukoban (J).gb
    1006.Vegas Dream(U).nes
    1014.Spot (J).gb
    1017.Star Sweep (J).gb
    1028.Stargate (U).gb
    1029.Stop That Roach! (U).gb
    1040.Super Bombliss (J).gb
    1047..3D Block (UNL).nes
    1056.Super Snakey (J).gb
    1066.Taikyoku Renju (J).gb
    1069 - lego stunt rally (u)(gb lamers).gbc
    1088 - denki blocks (e)(quartex).gbc
    1098.Tesserae (U).gb
    1102.Tetris (JU) (v1.1).gb
    1104.Tetris Attack (U) (v1.1).gb
    1105.Tetris Flash (J).gb
    1107.Tetris Plus (U).gb
    1116 - keep the balance (m05)(menace).gbc
    1118 - scrabble (e)(quartex).gbc
    1143.Trump Collection GB (J).gb
    1157.Uchiiwai - Kyoudai Kami Waza no Puzzle Game (J).gb
    1198.Wild Snake (U).gb
    1204.Wordtris (U).gb
    1205.Wordzap (U).gb
    1229.Yoshi (U).gb
    1230.Yoshi's Cookie (U).gb
    1231.Yossy no Cookie (J).gb
    1232.Yossy no Panepon (J).gb
    1252.Zoop (U).gb
    1264.Flipull (J).gb
    1265.Flipull (U).gb
    1273.Money Idol Exchanger (J).gb
    1287.Amida (J).gb
    1298.Block Kuzushi GB (J).gb
    1300.Boxxle (U) (v1.1).gb
    1304.Chessmaster, The (UE) (v1.1).gb
    1328.GameBoy Gallery (A).gb
    1339.Hoi Hoi - GameBoy Han (J).gb
    1355.Ishido - The Way of Stones (J).gb
    1356.Ishido - The Way of Stones (U).gb
    1376.Lucle (J).gb
    1384.Mario & Yoshi (E).gb
    1408.Pac-Man (U).gb
    1410.Panel Action Bingo (U).gb
    1413.Pinball Dreams (UE).gb
    1425.Q Billion (J).gb
    1440.Solomon's Club (UE).gb
    1441.Splitz (J).gb
    1443.Spot (U).gb
    1446.Square Deal (U).gb
    1468.Tetris Blast (U).gb
    1486.Yossy no Tamago (J).gb
    1487.Zoop (J).gb


    0008.Adventure Island (U).gb
    0009.Adventure Island II (UE).gb
    0015.Adventures of Star Saver, The (U).gb
    0019.After Burst (J).gb
    0020.Aguri Suzuki F-1 Super Driving (J).gb
    0023.Akumajou Dracula - Shikkokutaru Zensoukyoku (J).gb
    0024.Aladdin (U) [a].gb
    0027.Alien 3 (U).gb
    0036.Amazing Spider-Man, The (UE).gb
    0047.Asterix (E) (M5).gb
    0056.B.C. Kid 2 (E).gb
    0060 - highway racing (j)(eurasia).gbc
    0067.Batman - The Animated Series (U).gb
    0068.Batman (JU).gb
    0085.Battletoads (U).gb
    0087.Battletoads Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team (U).gb
    0089.Battletoads in Ragnarok's World (U).gb
    0098.Bionic Commando (U).gb
    0107.Blues Brothers, The (U).gb
    0119.Bonk's Adventure (U).gb
    0120.Bonk's Revenge (U).gb
    0128 - its a world rally (j)(network international ltd.).gbc
    0131.Bram Stoker's Dracula (U).gb
    0142.Gekitotsu Yonku Battle(J).nes
    0165.Castlevania - The Adventure (E).gb
    0166.Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge (U).gb
    0168 - topgear pocket (j)(menace).gbc
    0168.Castlevania Legends (U).gb
    0176.Chase H.Q. (J).gb
    0192.Chuck Rock (U).gb
    0200.Cool Spot (U).gb
    0218.Darkwing Duck (U).gb
    0225.Dick Tracy (U).gb
    0230 - motocross maniacs 2 (u)(menace).gbc
    0236 - crazy bikers (u)(gb lamers).gbc
    0236.Donkey Kong Land (U).gb
    0237.Donkey Kong Land III (U).gb
    0243 - front row (u)(oldskool).gbc
    0244.Double Dragon (U).gb
    0245.Double Dragon II (U).gb
    0253.Dr. Franken (U).gb
    0256.Dracula Densetsu (J).gb
    0257.Dracula Densetsu II (J).gb
    0263 - pocket gt (u)(oldskool).gbc
    0270.Duck Tales 2 (U).gb
    0273.Duck Tales (U).gb
    0280.Earthworm Jim (U).gb
    0282.Buggy Popper(J).nes
    0285.F1 Boy (J).gb
    0286.F-1 Race (JUE) (v1.0).gb
    0288.F-1 Spirit (J).gb
    0290.Capcom Barcelona '92  (J).nes
    0296.Felix the Cat (U).gb
    0298.Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge (U).gb
    0304.Fighting Simulator 2 in 1 (U).gb
    0308.Fire Fighter (U).gb
    0313.Flintstones, The - King Rock Treasure Island (U).gb
    0349.Garfield Labyrinth (U).gb
    0364 - hot wheels stunt track driver (u)(menace).gbc
    0365.Ghostbusters II (J).gb
    0366.Ghostbusters II (UE).gb
    0385.Excitebike  (JU).nes
    0409.Gremlins 2 - The New Batch (JUE).gb
    0427.Home Alone 2 - Lost In New York (U).gb
    0433.Hoshi no Kirby (J) (v1.0).gb
    0434.Hoshi no Kirby (J) (v1.1).gb
    0435.Hugo 2 (G).gb
    0436.Hugo (E).gb
    0437.Humans, The (U).gb
    0443 - f1 world grand prix 2 (m04)(capital).gbc
    0445.Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (J).gb
    0446.Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (UE).gb
    0452 - cross country racing (m03)(menace).gbc
    0461.Jeep Jamboree (U).gb
    0465.Jetsons, The - Robot Panic (U).gb
    0473.Judge Dredd (U).gb
    0477.Jurassic Park 2 (UE) (M4).gb
    0484.Kamen Rider SD (J).gb Dracula (U).gb
    0497.Kid Icarus - Of Myths and Monsters (UE).gb
    0508.Kirby's Dream Land (U).gb
    0530.Kung-Fu Master (U).gb
    0531.Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki dayo Zenin Shuugou! (J).gb
    0532.Kuusou Kagaku Sekai Gulliver Boy - Kuusou Kagaku Puzzle Purittopon!! (J).gb
    0536.Last Action Hero (U).gb
    0537.Lazlos' Leap (U).gb
    0538.Legend (J).gb
    0539.Legend of Prince Valiant, The (U).gb
    0540.Legend of the River King GB, The (U).gb
    0550.Lethal Weapon (U).gb
    0551.Lion King, The (U).gb
    0555.Little Mermaid, The (E).gb
    0556.Little Mermaid, The (U).gb
    0559.Looney Tunes - Bugs Bunny to Yukai na Nakamatachi (J).gb
    0560.Looney Tunes (U).gb
    0562.Lost World, The - Jurassic Park (U).gb
    0563.Lucky Luke (E) (M4).gb
    0566.Mach Go Go Go (J).gb
    0579.Maru's Mission (U).gb
    0582.Master Karateka (J).gb
    0583.Maui Mallard (U).gb
    0584.Max (UE).gb
    0590 - dekotora gb special (j)(oldskool).gbc
    0594.Megaman (E).gb
    0595.Megaman (U).gb
    0596.Megaman II (E).gb
    0597.Megaman II (U).gb
    0598.Megaman III (E).gb
    0609.Metroid II - Return of Samus (UE).gb
    0610.Mickey Mouse - Magic Wand (U).gb
    0611.Mickey Mouse (J).gb
    0612.Mickey Mouse (U).gb
    0613.Mickey Mouse II (J).gb
    0614.Mickey Mouse IV (J).gb
    0615.Mickey Mouse V (J).gb
    0616.Mickey's Chase (E).gb
    0617.Mickey's Chase (J).gb
    0618.Mickey's Chase (U).gb
    0620.Micro Machines 2 - Turbo Tournament (U).gb
    0622.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Movie (U).gb
    0623.Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (U).gb
    0634 - armada fx racers (u)(menace).gbc
    0640.Momotarou Dengeki 2 (J).gb
    0641.Momotarou Dengeki (J).gb
    0652.Montezuma's Return! (E) (M5).gb
    0660.Motocross Maniacs (U).gb
    0661.Mr Nutz (U).gb
    0665.Mulan (U).gb
    0689.Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun - Bangai Rantou Hen (J).gb
    0691.Motocross Champion  (J).nes
    0692.Motor City Patrol  (U).nes
    0720.Nigel Mansell's World Championship (U).gb
    0723.Ninja Gaiden Shadow (U).gb
    0725.Ninja Spirit - Saigo no Nindou (J).gb
    0734.Obelix (E) (M2).gb
    0735.Oddworld Adventures (UE).gb
    0739 - extreme sports with the berenstein bears (m05)(menace).gbc
    0796.Road Fighter   (E).nes
    0797.Road Fighter  (J).nes
    0798.Pinocchio (E).gb
    0799.Pinocchio (U).gb
    0808.Pocket Bomberman (J).gb
    0839 - lego stunt rally (m10)(capital).gbc
    0839.Popeye 2 (E).gb
    0881.Race Drivin' (U).gb
    0882.Racing Tamashii (J).gb
    0892.Real Ghostbusters, The (U).gb
    0900.Roadster (J).gb
    0903.RoboCop vs. the Terminator (U).gb
    0904.Rockman World 2 (J).gb
    0905.Rockman World 3 (J).gb
    0917.Super Sprint  (J).nes
    0918.Super Sprint  (U).nes
    0919.Rubble Saver (J).gb
    0920.Rubble Saver II (J).gb
    0921.Rugrats Movie, The (U).gb
    0924 - race time (u)(rapid fire).gbc
    0951.Shadow Warriors (E).gb
    0962.Shippo De Bun (J).gb
    0963.Shippuu! Iron Leaguer (J).gb
    0970.Simpsons, The - Bart & the Beanstalk (J).gb
    0971.Simpsons, The - Bart & the Beanstalk (U).gb
    0972.Simpsons, The - Bart vs. the Juggernauts (U).gb
    0973.Skate or Die - Bad 'N Rad (U).gb
    0974.Skate or Die - Tour de Thrash (U).gb
    0975.Small Soldiers (U).gb
    0976.Smurfs 2, The (E) (M4).gb
    0978.Sneaky Snakes (UE).gb
    0994.Soreyuke! Speedy Gonzales (J).gb
    0995.Soreyuke!! Kid (J).gb
    1003.Spartan X (J).gb
    1006.Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge (U).gb
    1007.Spirou (U) (M4) [a].gb
    1008.Spirou (U) (M4).gb
    1022.Star Wars - Super Return of the Jedi (U).gb
    1023.Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (E).gb
    1024.Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (U).gb
    1033.Sunsoft Grand Prix (UE).gb
    1037.Super Bikkuriman - Densetsu no Sekiban (J).gb
    1043.Super Donkey Kong GB (J).gb
    1044.Super James Pond (U) [b].gb
    1046.Super Mario Land 2 - 6 Golden Coins (UE) (v1.0).gb
    1047.Super Mario Land 2 - 6 Golden Coins (UE) (v1.2).gb
    1050.Super Mario Land 2 - 6tsu no Kinka (J) (v1.2).gb
    1052.Super Mario Land (JUE) (v1.1).gb
    1057 - vip (m05)(capital).gbc
    1059.Swamp Thing (U).gb
    1070.Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Shima II (J).gb
    1077.Tasmania Story (J).gb
    1078.Tasmania Story (U).gb
    1079.Taz-Mania 2 (U).gb
    1080.Taz-Mania (E).gb
    1081.Taz-Mania (U).gb
    1089.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Fall of the Foot Clan (U).gb
    1090.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (J).gb
    1091.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III - Radical Rescue (U).gb
    1094.Tekkyu Fight! - The Great Battle Gaiden (J).gb
    1097.Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (UE).gb
    1108.Tintin in Tibet (E) (M4).gb
    1109.Tiny Toon Adventures 2 (J).gb
    1111.Tiny Toon Adventures - Montana's Movie Madness (U).gb
    1115 - cubix robots for everyone - race n robots (m05)(menace).gbc
    1117.Titus the Fox to Marrakech and Back (U).gb
    1122.Tom & Jerry (J).gb
    1123.Tom and Jerry - Frantic Antics! (U).gb
    1124.Tom and Jerry Part 2 (J).gb
    1132.Toxic Crusaders (U).gb
    1137.Trip World (J).gb
    1152.Turok - Battle of the Bionosaurs (UE) (M4).gb
    1158.Uchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade (J).gb
    1163.Ultraman (J).gb
    1164.Ultraman Ball (J).gb
    1165.Ultraman Chou Toushi Gekiden (J).gb
    1182.V-Rally - Championship Edition (E) (M3).gb
    1185.Wario Land - Super Mario Land 3 (JUE).gb
    1186.Wario Land II (UE).gb
    1188.Water World (U).gb
    1190.Wayne's World (U).gb
    1194.We're Back! - A Dinosaur's Story (U).gb
    1213.Worms (U).gb
    1228.Yogi Bear in Yogi Bear's Goldrush (U).gb
    1243.Zen - Intergalactic Ninja (E).gb
    1244.Zen - Intergalactic Ninja (U).gb
    1250.Zool (E).gb
    1254.Smurfs 3, The (E) (M4).gb
    1279.Addams Family, The (E) (M3).gb
    1282.Akumajou Special Boku Dracula-kun (J).gb
    1284.Alfred Chicken (U).gb
    1295.Battletoads (J).gb
    1302.Castlevania - The Adventure (U).gb
    1312.Darkman (U).gb
    1313.Dead Heat Scramble (J).gb
    1314.Dead Heat Scramble (U).gb
    1318.Dr. Franken II (UE) (M7).gb
    1324.Flash, The (U).gb
    1391.Monster Truck (J).gb
    1437.Satoru Nakajima F-1 Hero GB - World Championship '91 (J).gb
    1460.Super R.C. Pro-Am (UE).gb
    1461.Smurfs 2 (E).gb